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Pamitinan and Tapusi

Over the course of the next week, I will be publishing in installments the second chapter of my Master’s Thesis, Pasyon, Awit, Legend, which I have already made available in its entirety on this site.

My goal in publishing the sections on Mount Pamitinan and the place known as “Tapusi” is to promote a wider popular discussion on these two separate locations and their significance in late nineteenth-century Philippine history.

Tapuzi / Tapusi.

Tapuzi / Tapusi. Detail from Gironiere 1853.

I think there are a great many points of interest here which future scholarship could take further: the need for comparable work on sources akin to the Carpio legend; the need for a more thorough examination of Gironiere; and most intriguingly, the exact character and current location of “Tapusi.”

Tapusi is regularly mentioned in Philippine scholarship, almost all based on Ileto’s misreading of the Carpio legend. Religious and quasi-religious groups conduct annual pilgrimages there. All of them get Tapusi entirely wrong, as my work establishes. It was not located anywhere near where they thought, nor did it represent what they claimed.


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